Thursday, November 15, 2018

A salty story, of sorts

It all began a few weeks ago, perhaps during Sukkot--I began to notice that some of the yummy baked goods that we were getting at good old gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher By the Way Bakery  were suddenly too sweet for me.  This went on for maybe two or three weeks before a startling thought finally occurred to me--was it possible that, after decades as a sugar addict, I might actually have outgrown my taste for sugar?  So I "went cold turkey" and just stopped eating sweet desserts almost completely, and it worked--over roughly the past month, I've had only one very small piece of cake, about a teaspoon of ice cream, about a scoop and a half of sorbet, the chocolate icing and sauce from my husband's tiramisu, about a teaspoon (literally) of cheesecake, and a sample from By the Way Bakery, and I've hardly missed sugar at all.  I'm eating about as much sugar in a week as I used to eat in a day or two.  My current favorite treats are Mary's Gone Crackers, original flavor (an acquired taste, I'll admit) and popcorn.  I'm currently on the look-out for an organic or non-GMO popcorn with the perfect balance of sea salt and oil for my personal taste.  (The other balance I have to worry about is trying to choose treats that are just salty enough to be tasty but not salty enough to aggravate my kidney-stone problem.)  Wish me luck with my mostly-sugar-free lifestyle.


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